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How early should I place my order?

A custom cake or confection order should be placed as soon as you have finalized all the details of your event; including, but not limited to colors, theme, design, servings required, etc. Since we are usually booked a few weeks or sometimes months in advance, we do encourage early ordering. 1-MONTH advance notice is recommended for celebration cakes or confections, and 3-6 MONTHS for wedding cakes and confections. We’ll happily fit you in whenever our schedule permits, however, in the event that your order is accepted with less than an 11-day notice, a RUSH ORDER FEE will be required and defers based on the complexity of the order.

1 month's notice!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?

Trust us, we are IN BUSINESS to help serve as many customers as humanly possible. HOWEVER, 1. We ARE HUMANS, and there are only so many hours in the day. 2. We specialize in over-the-top EDIBLE ART! So generally speaking, people who book with us are usually planning parties/events well ahead of time! NOT at the last minute. We love you and would be HONORED to create a cake for you. But, don't be mad at us if you wait until the last minute, or want a "SIMPLE CAKE", because we're booked. We take all the orders we can fit into our production schedule. If we're booked, it just simply means other people DID NOT wait until the last minute.

Am I required to pay a deposit to confirm my booking?

Yes, a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required upfront to secure our availability for your date of interest.

Deposits are due within 36 hours of receiving an invoice. If no payment is made within this period, your invoice will be cancelled, and the date will become available to the next inquiring client. In the event that your invoice has been rendered cancelled, a $10 reissue fee is due upon your request to receive a new invoice.

When do I need to make my final payment?

We're happy you asked. Final payments for all pieces of work with the exception of wedding cakes and confections are due 1 week before service. If an order is placed 1 week before pick-up/delivery, payment is due in full at the time of ordering. If final payment is not received during this designated time, your order may be subject to cancellation without a refund of the deposit. 

Your cakes look good, but do they taste good too?

The answer is simply, YES! Our cakes are made using only high-quality ingredients including real butter, milk, flour, sugar, eggs, and fresh fruit. We outsource and use organic and locally grown ingredients when available. And, also have a trained CULINARY PASTRY CHEF on our team who is constantly testing and trying new flavor combinations to ensure innovation and originality! Additionally, THERE IS NO FROZEN STUFF HERE! This ain't no COSTCO or grocery store frozen cake shop! So, YES! They do taste as good as they look!

Do you sell "basic" or ready-made cakes?

Well, we pride ourselves on creating one-of-a-kind works of art, so NO, we do not offer “basic” cakes because that's just not our style. We work closely with you to make sure each “show-stopping” cake is unique and reflects the recipient’s personality and sense of style. We create custom “centerpiece” cakes; not basic cakes. Since we are a CUSTOM CAKE BAKERY, we RARELY have grab-and-go cakes available. If we do, they will be located under our "SHOP" tab located here on our website. 

I want my cake to look exactly like the photo I've shared with you, can I have it?

Kindly be advised that our cakes are unique and tailored to the details of a client's needs. With that being said, our cakes are custom pieces of art, and we treat them as such. We DO NOT completely COPY other artist’s creations. Our goal is to take design elements that you like, and create a one-of-a-kind cake, especially for you! So if you’re attaching photos, please tell us exactly what you like about the photos you’re referencing.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver within 60 miles of our location (Lantana, FL). The minimum order for delivery is $250. The price of delivery is based on location. You can CONTACT US with details regarding your event, and we can send you a quote.


Do you make allergy-friendly cakes?

Yes, we offer a range of allergy-friendly cakes upon request. Kindly note that Chic Little Cakes’ products may contain or come in contact with milk, nuts, cocoa, or other allergens. While EXTRA precautions will be taken in the cases of known allergies, it remains the full responsibility of the client to inform guests of possible allergens. Chic Little Cakes is not responsible for any allergic reactions.

Do you have an order minimum?

Yes, we do have an order minimum of $150.

What are your cake portion sizes?

Our cake serving sizes are based on dessert portions which measure approximately 1"x2"x4".

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