Confection Pricing


Standard Miniature Cupcakes: $60

Deluxe Miniature Cupcakes: $75

(Available in all Signature Cake Flavors)

Standard Cupcakes: $60

(Available in all Signature Cake Flavors)

Deluxe Cupcakes: $75

Boujee Babe Cupcakes: $95

(Available in all Signature & Premium Cake Flavors)

Fondant Sugar Cookies

Standard Miniature Sugar Cookies: $56

Deluxe Miniature Sugar Cookies: $72

Standard Sugar Cookies: $56

Deluxe Sugar Cookies: $72

Boujee Babe Sugar Cookies: $86

Chocolate Covered

Standard Chocolate Covered Oreo's: $36

Deluxe Chocolate Covered Oreo's: $45

Standard Chocolate Covered Strawberries: $45

Deluxe Chocolate Covered Strawberries: $54

Tartlets & Dessert Shooters

Dessert Shooters: $60

Tartlets: $81

 Tartlet Shell Flavors:



Graham Cracker


White Chocolate Vanilla Bean

Strawberries & Cream

Salted Caramel

Dark Chocolate Caramel

Raspberry Lemon Meringue

Key Lime


Baked Doughnuts

Miniature Doughnuts: $55

Standard Doughnuts: $55

Deluxe Doughnuts: $70

Boujee Babe Doughnuts: $90

(Available in all Signature Cake Flavors)


All confections are sold by the dozen. All with the exception of tartlets which are sold in boxes of 18 and miniature confections, which are sold in boxes of 24.

*Prices may increase based on your desired decor*