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Cake Care Instructions


Traveling with your Custom Cake

Please place your cake box on the front passenger floor as it is a flat surface. For tiered cakes, a spacious SUV trunk is recommended.


Once the cake has transferred ownership, Chic Little Cakes is NOT responsible for any damages to your custom cake. Please make note of the following:

No one should be holding your cake.

Your cake should not be in the trunk of a standard-sized vehicle.

Your cake should not be in the seat of the vehicle. 


Above is your cake box (colors defer) which comes in sizes:




Please refrain from:


Additional stops

Sudden stops

Sharp turns

Disassembling, Cutting & Serving your Custom Cake

11 (1).png

Once you've arrived at your destination, refrigerate your cake immediately in order to prevent melting, the breakdown of buttercream, and extensive condensation. 

Remove your cake from the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature (roughly 30-45 minutes) to allow for the best flavor development.

Before you cut and serve your cake, please remove all decor first. This includes florals and floral tape which are wrapped around the stem of each floral piece, toppers, fruit, toys, dragees, candy, etc.

111 (1).png

One tiered cakes will have 1 support straw going directly through the center. If you have a multi-tiered cake, your cake will have a cake board underneath each tier. Each tier will have 6-8 straws and a central dowel through the middle of the cake. These 3 items support the structure of your cake. Please remove the straws before cutting.

To get nice clean slices, please watch the video below courtesy of YouTube creator Avaesque.

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